Craniosacral Therapy – my experience

As I made my way to meet Stephen for the first time, I considered myself to be in good health and happier than I have ever been. Yet, there I was, curious about this alternative type of treatment and open to experience whatever this first session would bring; this is the best advice I could give anyone, be open, stay open.
I won’t attempt to describe the sessions as they are all different, depending on what it is that you need at that moment, not what you think you need. And I won’t compare this treatment with any other, as it is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

What I can say is that the sessions of Creaniosacral therapy with Stephen opened my scope of vision, enabling me to see alternatives that I hadn’t seen before and finding the answers I had within me all along!

Stephen’s methodology opens new opportunities, encouraging the use of gestures and body language to express sensations. This is a refreshing approach to communication, given how hard it is to put in words the feelings and sensations we have never been taught to feel.

I came out of the first session feeling well rested, clear minded, grounded and even a little bit taller, but almost certain that I’d never be able share my experience with anyone. It was so hard to put in words and so intimate. Yet within a week, I was advising my friends to try it, and the reason I am now writing about it is because I think it is something everyone should experience.

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2 thoughts on “Craniosacral Therapy – my experience

  1. I am so happy to hear that you had a good experience! As a CranioSacral Therapist, I love how you said, you wouldn’t even try to explain the session bc every session is different depending on what you need at the moment…so dead on! I love the work!

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