1st Weekend of YTT

DAY 1:
Where do I begin?

I won’t provide an hourly breakdown of the day, not sure I’d be capable and anyone would want that much detail, but I will summarise into a few words, as best as I can, how incredible and humbling today was for me.

As I entered the studio, at 7.45 and met my ‘tribe’ for the next 6 months (my 27 fellow yogi students) I was overwhelmed by the energy in the room and felt a deep sense of calm, I didn’t need to know all of their names or who they were, nor why there were there, I just knew we’d all love every second of the journey and would come out of it stronger in every sense.

We introduced ourselves, shared our first moments of intimacy as we declared to the group our deepest fears and our wildest dreams. Our first practice together was a 90 minute sweaty vinyasa which left us all feeling invigorated and connected and I personally felt more present than ever and grateful to have the opportunity to embark on this journey with all these beautiful souls.

We learned, exchanged and even taught for the first time. Believe it or not, it’s not that easy standing up in front of a group of people and leading a class but it is so rewarding, in a way that I don’t have the words to describe yet, that it is worth it.

What I found most challenging today: Sleeping past 5am as I woke up with excitement and couldn’t go back to sleep.

What surprised me: How comfortable I was with the lack of schedule, I tend to like structure but I was able to go with the flow and be open to anything that would happen.

I am excited and ready for the journey to come.


DAY 2:
As we stepped into the second day of our training, sleepy but familiar faces smiled at each other and we settled into the space like the very big family we have already become.

We started the day with some meditation which was a very special moment for me and I think we all felt the connection in the room. We then shared our individual experiences that morning and about the effect yoga and meditation have had in our lives so far, and although we all have different pasts, different religions and different lives, yoga brings us together and we seem to share the same philosophy about life.

We continued learning about the asana (physical practice) never losing sight of the fact that it is only a minute part of YOGA; we practiced; we spent our breaks talking about meaningful topics that we rarely discuss even with our closest friends and we taught. We found out that words don’t always come out right or in the correct order, but that’s ok and part of our practice is learning to be ok with it all.

I personally really enjoyed teaching my fellow yogis as I felt a connection between myself and them and am already planning my next teaching opportunity as I want to practice as much as possible and don’t want to wait a month to see them all again.

We finished our first weekend sharing what we were grateful for so I will use this space to do the same, I am grateful to have the opportunity to be on this training with everyone who has made the commitment to be a YES to everything that comes up in this journey. Thank you all, you rock my world!

Namaste x

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