Delicious Detox Salad

Serves 4
Prep Time – 10 minutes
Cooking time – 10 minutes
Tastes AMAZING 🙂

1/2 purple cabbage (you can use white but purple looks so pretty)
1 sweet potato
a handful of flat green beans or mangetout
4-5 long green onions
1 big handful of cilantro / coriander
1 big chunk of ginger
juice of 1 lemon
a pinch of salt

If you’re not doing a detox feel free to add some olive oil, I’m sure it would taste even better!

Preparation instructions:
Start by chopping the sweet potato, boil for 5 minutes, add the chopped green beans for the next five until both are cooked but still firm.

Chop all other ingredients and add grated ginger (freeze ginger as soon as you buy it, it’s a lot easier to grate and it lasts for months) juice of the lemon and salt.


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