Mariguana, recreational drug or natural medicine?

This article is based on my personal opinion, which is a direct result of my experiences,  my education and everything that has contributed to my belief system today – And is subject to change as I continue to evolve of course.

As per the title of the article, I will be talking about Mariguana and whether I consider it to be a recreational drug or a natural medicine – if you know me you may have an idea of which corner I’m going to root for but I invite you to read on and find out for yourself. You may be surprised… or not hehe!

Let’s start with with some important definitions

Drug: A chemical which is given to people in order to treat or prevent an illness or disease.

Recreational drug: Term that refers to legal and illegal drugs that are used without medical supervision.

Medicine: Substance or preparation used in treating disease.

Natural Medicine: A systems that aims to incorporate gentle therapeutic techniques involving the body, mind and emotions to aid the healing process. They also focus on each patient as an individual and treating the whole person, instead of concentrating on a particular area or the patient’s ailment.

I found these basic definitions on google and I think they perfectly depict what most of the Western population think of when they use these terms so although I think there are endless definitions for each one of these, I will use these for the sake of ease.

So where does Mariguana fit in all of this?

Firstly, since mariguana is not a man made chemical, if we use the aforementioned definition, we can say that natural mariguana is therefore not a drug and not even a recreational drug. I specify natural mariguana because there are many genetically modified and even chemically altered forms of mariguana and I think it is important to consider how these man made alterations impact the quality of the plant and therefore its effects on the user / consumer.

This brings me to say that genetically modified and chemically altered mariguana could be referred to as a drug and/or recreational drug but I insist on the word could because I think it depends widely on the type of modifications made and again how it impacts the potency of the plant.

Health benefits of this sacred plant

The CBD found in Mariguana is now known to help largely lessen chronic pain, improve sleep and decrease anxiety, which is why medicinal mariguana has become a business in the US and why CBD oil has become so popular in the past few years but THC which is the active component which makes you feel ‘high’ when you smoke is also known to alleviate many of the same conditions as CBD.

Medicinal Mariguana is now being used to treat an array of physical and mental diseases such as : Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, eating disorders and epilepsy amongst so many others making mariguana an undeniably potent natural medicine

However, I think it is important to mention that mariguana can also be detrimental when abused or used in the wrong context and without intention.

The shadow side of Mariguana

As with any substances and foods, it is the dosage that determines whether they are beneficial or detrimental – healing or sickening.

I think that mariguana is a great natural remedy to be used occasionally but is best not to be overused and/or depended on. I think excessive consumption can be harmful to the body and the mind (particularly the lungs if smoked and the memory part of the brain) in the long term.

Weed supporters I feel your disappointment but hear me out.

I think the trick is to know yourself so deeply that you know when it will do you good and when it may be harmful so that you can consume it accordingly. Your personal consumption may vary depending on your life circumstances and it requires a high level of honesty with oneself and discipline to be able to smoke only when it is beneficial.

Depending on any substance means that when you don’t have access to said substance (which is bound to happen) you are likely to be irritable and frustrated which then affects everyone around you and most importantly it affects you. Additionally, if you consume mariguana on a daily basis, your body and mind get used to it and it means that when you need it as a medicine it may no longer be efficient or you’ll need bigger quantities of it.

The other shadow aspect of mariguana which is important to consider is the handling of it. Although it is becoming legal in some countries it is still illegal in many countries and it means that people risk their freedom and even their lives in order to transport and sell it. This does not mean we cannot consume it but simply that we should be mindful about how we acquire it – taking into consideration how it impacts those who are selling it.

So which one is it? Yes or No to mariguana?

My personal opinion is that mariguana is a gift from Mother Earth to us and that it should be used in a conscious intentional way.

I think that while it can naturally elevate us – heightening our senses and help us feel more connected to the natural world – it is best to consume it in a natural environment in small quantities for meditation and or movement practices and should not be mixed with alcohol.

These are my views and although I don’t want to incite anyone to do anything they don’t feel called to do I also recommend not making an opinion on something you have not tried for yourself.

On this note – Happy 420 to everyone reading today 🙂

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment or write to me with your thoughts – as always I am open to different points of view and mind opening conversations.

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