Envision Festival

Last year after the festival I wanted to write an article about my experience at Envision, but I was travelling without a laptop, time passed and I never got round to it. This time, I had only been back home for a few hours when I started writing away. I felt a fervent need to tell ‘the World’ about ‘it’.

Because I believe that these types of events are important. I’d even say they are crucial to the desperately needed transition from the ego driven chaotic World that we are currently living in, to the utopian dream of the World that many of us share. This may sound a little extreme if you think this is just another drug heavy party in the jungle, but this is why I am writing this article.

I think the most common question I’ve had from people is ‘What is it about?’, so I’ll break it down in what I consider to be the main aspects of the festival.


I have chosen community 1st and foremost because for me, this is what Envision is mostly about. Sure the setting is dreamy, there are incredible artists and countless Kombucha flavours to be tried, but in my opinion, what really makes this festival special  is the group of people it attracts.

I have an aversion to the word ‘hippie’ because I think it carries negative connotations, many of which I do not agree with, but it’s probably the word most people I know would use to describe the crowd at Envision.

I’d personally say that the Festival goers are change makers, ‘light workers’ aka healers of all sorts, yoga teachers, energy workers, therapists, artists, free spirits and those who want to challenge the ‘status quo’; those people interested in a different approach to life than the current dominant model. This makes for an eclectic group of people who want to connect and inspire while having a great time.

The idea behind the festival is to gather like minded souls in quest of a better world. So we can talk to each other and realise that there are many of us wanting change. So we can network, and  recharge in order to go back to our lives inspired to make the necessary changes, ready to take action. This is the underlying intention of the Festival, which naturally sets the tone for the 4 day week end. The speakers, teachers, leaders, artists and even the volunteers are carefully chosen to ensure that this message is the heart of the Festival and it is truly felt in every aspect.


Yoga, Talks and Workshops

This, I would say, is what differentiates the Festival from any others I’ve been to. I’ve been to a couple of ‘Yoga Festivals’ and enjoyed the classes I attended but at Envision each class and workshop has been particularly impactful. There are empowering talks and inspiring workshops throughout the day, every day, so it is possible to spend all day learning. It sometimes feels like a sort of intensive learning camp and I like to think most people leave with new wisdom, partly because whether you are actively listening or not, these positive conversations are constantly happening all around you! Some talks are more theoretical, great to stimulate reflection and introspection but many provide knowledge that can be put into practice, whether it has to do with leading a more eco friendly life style or creating a business that has a positive impact on the world, the festival is packed with information and help for all who are interested in learning.


Eco – responsibility

Burning Man is by far the most ‘eco-friendly’ festival I have ever been to with its ‘leave no trace’ policy, but I’d say Envision comes in 2nd. From the food vendors who give discounts if you bring your own plate, to the plates and glasses you can ‘rent’, and the very important waste management department which encourages and guides festival goers to dispose of their trash so most of it can be recycled, the festival walks the talk, for the most part and it’s great to see.


One of the things I Loved at Envision was the variety of artists. There are different stages and each has different types of music, which is great as you can move from one stage to the next depending on your mood of the moment. Xavier Rudd was my musical crush last year and Trevor Hall this years, but I also Love house music; although I’m not great with DJ names, so all I’ll say is that if you’re also an electronic music lover you will not be disappointed.

I also Love that the music starts early in the day and finishes at sunrise because I enjoy dancing when the sun is out mostly.



This year and last I was truly astounded to see the importance the Festival makes for Artistic Expression. In fact, if you look carefully, you’ll notice that everything is Art. From the stages, to the fire shows and even people’s attires. There’s even a little museum full of trippy psychedelic art and Xtra Large canvas being painted during the festival. There is also a corner for festival goers to let loose with paint. I didn’t take part but I liked the option.


Natural setting

Most festivals I’ve been too have been in some beautiful natural settings but this one wins Wildest Natural Setting hands down. The festival takes place in the Costa Rican jungle between Dominical and Uvita but the gates (open from 6am to 7pm) lead onto a breath taking long Pacific Ocean beach. Not much more to be said about this. Here are some photos that speak for themselves.



Unsurprisingly most food vendors offer organic, vegetarian, gluten free delicious options but I personally think there should be more affordable options on site. Luckily there are cheaper food vendors on the beach, outside the festival and it’s ok to bring food in so it is possible not to spend too much.

With all of that being said I think all I can add is, Go for yourself and experience the magic of community in the Jungle. And if you’re really not feeling the camping you can always stay at a hotel close by, although I think the camping is an important part of the experience.

Please be informed that none of the photos used in this article are mine. They can all be found when searching Envision Festival in Google, in case you would like to know who took them.

Thanks for reading!

Love and light to all,

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