Need a Holiday?

What’s the first thing you think when you’ve had a long day or a stressful week, maybe it’s ‘i need a holiday’ or ‘i need a glass of wine or even a stiff drink, whatever it is it’s probably a form of escapism. Baron Baptiste (Vinyassa yoga Guru) suggests, what if you didn’t need to lie on a beach with a cocktail in hand to feel totally relaxed, if you could achieve that feeling during the most stressful situations, whether your train is delayed or you can’t figure out how to set up your new blog (hum hum). You would never ‘need’ a holiday again. Note the emphasis on need, of course you may still want to see the world and I would encourage you to but that’s for another post, going back to the idea of being able to achieve total relaxation any time you need to, why does it seem so ludicrous? In reality situations are not stressful, our reactions to them is what makes them stressful but if we learn to practice non reactivity on and off our mats, by simply breathing deeply rather than hyperventilating and pretty much stop breathing in certain cases, we may learn to stay calm in the eye of the hurricane.

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