Mariguana, recreational drug or natural medicine?

This article is based on my personal opinion, which is a direct result of my experiences,  my education and everything that has contributed to my belief system today – And is subject to change as I continue to evolve of course. As per the title of the article, I will be talking about Mariguana and whether I consider it to be a recreational drug or a natural medicine – if you know me you may have an idea of which corner I’m going to root for but I invite you to read on and find out for yourself. You may … Continue reading Mariguana, recreational drug or natural medicine?

Temazcal, ancestral Mayan ritual

Dear reader,       If you are familiar with my blog – you already know that I Love to experience different healing practices and enjoy sharing about them, in the hope they may be helpful and even inspiring for others who are also open to exploring different healing modalities.        If you are reading this, I assume you are curious maybe even interested in the Temazcal, or perhaps you’ve already had your own experience(s), either way, please be reminded that I share from my own experience and do not claim to speak ‘The Truth’ and only my … Continue reading Temazcal, ancestral Mayan ritual