Why you should go to Morning Gloryville.

You may have heard of it. If you have, please put to one side any preconceptions you may already have before you continue to read. If you haven’t, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Morning Gloryville.

So what could be so special about a sober party that is worth writing about? Well, there are many answers to this, but I will try to be as concise as possible to describe something you should experience rather than read about.

Yes, it is a big fun party, but it is so much more than that; MGV is a movement, it’s a mindset, a life philosophy and it attracts like minded people who chose LOVE.

Reading myself makes me smile as I am conscious of sounding like a hippie, but the great thing is I acknowledge it and embrace it. Hippies have a lot figured out, but what makes MGV different is that we choose to exclude alcohol and drugs in order to really spend some time with people who we have just met. I deliberately avoid the word strangers as it has associations of distrust, and although we have just met each other for the first time, there is a deep sense of comfort and trust, as though you are coming home to long lost relatives. Some people will stop reading here because we are conditioned to think that we need substances to have a good time, especially with ‘strangers’, and anything that questions our ways tends to rise feelings of uncertainty in us – rarely a pleasant experience. Some of you are still reading because you are curious about what a sober party would look like. Maybe you’ve even felt the desire to go alcohol and drug free but didn’t dare, as it is socially accepted that that kind of behaviour is ‘boring’ and it is human nature to seek acceptance and belonging within a wider group.

So why is this movement so controversial? Because it takes a lot of courage to unlearn what you know and try something new, without a crutch. By that I mean that we cannot hide behind a substance and use it to reduce our inhibitions; but once you do, it is immensely liberating!

I can’t write this post without mentioning the amazing perks that you don’t get at any other kind of party: Superfood Smoothies, Juices & Living Foods, Free Wake UP Angels, Hugs & Glitter, Free Yoga, Free Massage, Raw Chocolate, Dance & Performance, Gourmet Coffee & Fresh Tea. However, I personally only made the most of the free hugs and the freshly filled jugs of tap water with mint and cucumber, because I was dancing the whole morning. The DJs play lots of different kinds of music, from house to old school tunes, not forgetting reggae, while the drums have the power of raising the energy levels in the room, which are higher than I have ever experienced anywhere. There is a real sense of energy exchange during the morning, hugs and smiles are given without second thought and the uplifting feeling of love stays with you for days to come.

The room is filled with beautiful people of all ages, a natural selection simply because a happy soul makes for a beautiful being and I don’t think anyone could deny that everyone looks better covered in fluorescent face paint and glitter! Rest assured, if you are a bit shy and would rather not take part in the face and body decorations, there is no obligation whatsoever, ‘hippies’ are not judgemental people! But I can almost guarantee that as soon as you arrive, you will see the sparkling unicorn cutting shapes, feel inspired, and join the queue to have a mermaid makeup done.

If this post has raised your interest, check out the next event near you and just book tickets for yourself and a friend, or even just for yourself, before you let your responsible adult voice talk you out of it. Trust your inner child – he/she can’t wait to join the party.

When you do go, I would love to hear about your experience, so don’t hesitate to comment here, pm me or drop me an email. Events near you: http://morninggloryville.com/events/

3 thoughts on “Why you should go to Morning Gloryville.

  1. Yogibee, you are absolutely right, Morning Gloryville is so much more than just a simple sober rave. And I found it extremely hard to put the experience into words. Thank you for the wonderful read!
    And see you at the next event 😉

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